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Good Vibrations gives Mommy a “Time Out” on NBC
Date: January, 2010
Title: Mommy Playdate on NBC Health Video

Summary: Many Moms put their needs at the bottom of the list and sex and sexual health can be easily forgotten. Most wonder when their sex lives will ever get back to normal after the baby comes home and are completely unprepared for the physical and emotional roller coaster ride that comes in the months following the baby’s arrival. This can also be true as baby becomes toddler and toddler becomes pre-schooler, and intimacy takes second place as parents try and meet the demands of their child and make sense of their role as a parent.

Good Vibrations offers mothers an opportunity to pamper themselves at their Mommy Playdates, a fun, after-hours mixer for moms who want to learn how to put the spice back in their sex lives. Moms can enjoy a “Mommi-tini” cocktail with a personalized store tour and a one-on-one consultation with Good Vibrations’ staff sexologist and renowned author/expert, Dr. Carol Queen.

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion, but that bundle of joy can get in the way of 'certain pleasures'.

Red Tricycle

Red Tricycle Enjoys a Playdate at Good Vibrations
Date: March 26, 2011
Title: "Mommies Need Playtime Too"
Summary: Red Tricycle, a fabulous online resource for parents, reviews Good Vibrations Mommy's Playdates and finds them to be the perfect ingredient for a spicy sex life post-kids!

"You know it; you used to be hot stuff. After all, it's not a mystery how that baby got there. But after late night feedings, explosive diaper changes, and all of the other fun stuff that adorable bundle of joy came along with the last thing on your mind right now is most likely your Mojo. Well Good Vibrations, a San Francisco staple for over 30 years, thinks it's time to put the sexy back in Mommy. We agree. Get your girlfriends together and get out to one of these fun, after-hours mixers for moms who want to learn how to make pleasure a priority instead of a chore. Get a personalized store tour (with full scoop on the wide range of products) and a one-on-one consultation with Good Vibrations' staff sexologist Dr. Carol Queen. Often featuring a mommy author, it's a great way to spend a girl's night out. Check out their calendar for upcoming events."

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San Francisco Chronicle

Mommies Take a Time Out at Good Vibrations
Date: August 8, 2010
Title: “Mommy’s Playdate: Adult toys at Good Vibrations”
Author: Carolyne Zinko

Summary: Good Vibrations’ custom parties for mommies recently drew a variety of curious mothers  to the Berkeley location for a night of sexy exploration and commiseration.  Moms enjoyed a store tour by staff sexologist Dr. Carol Queen and frank talk about sex after kids.  Author Rachel Sarah read from her book “Single Mom Seeking” and sparked an inspired conversation about sexuality before and after kids.  It was a potent combination of cocktails, cupcakes, and women who were ready to see how to spice up their sex lives.

“It was advertised as a "Mommy's Playdate," but a recent Berkeley gathering had nothing to do with children - and everything to do with the act of making them.

The first tip-off was the location: Good Vibrations. The second was the social lubricant: "Mommi-tinis" (vodka, pomegranate juice, blood orange soda and a squeeze of lime). The last clue, but not the least, was the presence of Carol Queen, the chain's resident sexologist for the past 20 years.

…These toys aren't the sort that the mommies present were accustomed to shopping for. They ranged from silicone lubricant, massage oils and bubble baths, to rubber duckies, Hitachi Magic Wands and remote control devices that looked like baby monitors - vibrators intended for external use. Some pulse in time to music, whether "Sesame Street" or Lady Gaga; some have rechargeable batteries; others are solar-powered. More esoteric products were shown off and explained, too. This was a sex shop, after all.”

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Redbook Magazine

Moms connect with their sexy side on Good Vibes Sexy Mama
Date: August 2010
Title: “A SEXY SECRET just for Moms”

Summary: Redbook magazine shows moms where to read and connect about sex after kids on Goodvibessexymama.com. Moms can share about the intersection of motherhood and their sex life, laugh and commiserate about finding time for lovin’, and get a discount on special products just for moms!

"Mommy blogs are abuzz with nearly every topic, but there’s a weird radio silence when it comes to Mom’s sex life. Enter the new website Good Vibes Sexy Mama. “In this space, moms can share in that fun, gabby way about how motherhood affects their sex life -- and they can get answers about how to carve out time and energy to feel sexy,” says Carol Queen, Ph.D., the site’s sexologist. The site comes from sex-toy retailer Good Vibrations, so naturally you’ll find a slew of products, like gizmos to tone your PC muscles after birth, but we also found great tips for fitting sex into a mom’s busy schedule….”

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{510} Families.com

Good Vibrations’ “Mommy’s Playdate” Is the Pick of the Week for Families in the East Bay
Date: June 29, 2010
Author: Whitney
Title: “Good Vibrations Hosts After-Hours Event for Moms”

Summary: The site that provides great ideas for families in the East Bay recommends mommies take the night off and enjoy a playdate just for mommies – Good Vibrations’ Mommy’s Playdate on July 6th at the Berkeley Good Vibes store.

"Called "Mommy's Playdate", a July 6th event at the Berkeley store Good Vibrations will offer moms free cocktails (Mommi-tinis), cupcakes, and a personalized store tour by Dr. Carol Queen. This event is designed for moms, partnered or single, who want to learn to put the spice back in their sex life. Our friend, author Rachel Sarah, will be presenting her very funny memoir, 'Single Mom Seeking.'”

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SFBookReview.com & SacramentoBookReview.com

Dr. Carol Queen Gives Mom a “Time Out” at Good Vibrations’ Mommy’s Playdate 
Date: May 19, 2010
Author: Kaye Cloutman 
Title: Discovering Mommy’s “Other”Little Helper 
Summary: Good Vibrations welcomed mommies from far and wide on May 4th with a special event just for moms. Mom and columnist Kaye Cloutman shares her first Good Vibrations experience and gets her questions answered by Dr. Carol Queen. Mothers left their kids at home and enjoyed a “Mommi-tini”, and a personalized store tour with staff sexologist Dr. Carol Queen and met the author of “The Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex, a No-Surrender Advice Book for Naughty Moms”. Moms shared stories, asked questions, and got plenty of answers at this unique ladies’ night out.

“How can you inject the word sexy into your life as a mom who is spread out so thinly over all of your daily endeavors? From changing your baby’s diapers to rushing out wearing your jammies to get groceries and your husband’s oversized tie-dye shirt, it really is impossible to see yourself “provocative” in any of these typical “mom” scenarios. After the exchange of “I do’s,” some women’s libidos are pretty much shot the minute they suffer the morning sickness, weight gain, and sleep deprivation of having a baby. How do you put the sexy back in your marriage after all that? Luckily, I had the opportunity to cover a recent event at Good Vibrations in San Francisco that involved moms and sexual empowerment. I was a “virgin” so to speak. Not having visited any specialty “risqué” store before, I felt a little awkward before I got to the venue. It was surprisingly relieving to see a nice, hip shop with an accommodating feel and a sensationally helpful staff who welcomed me cordially. Everything in the store was displayed in a tasteful manner, and the clientele were unexpectedly decent and professional-looking couples and individuals….I came out of the shop a well-informed individual. No, I did not turn into a dominatrix or sex kitten afterwards. Instead, I felt like a complete woman again, oozing with confidence and knowledge.”

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Curve Magazine

Good Vibrations’ COO Jackie Strano featured in Curve Magazine’s Special on Queer Parenting
Date: April 2010
Author: Lori Selke 
Title: Parenting Power Couple: The New American Family 
Summary: Curve Magazine gets tips from the quintessential lesbian power couple, Shar and Jackie. Curve follows their unusual journey as rockstars of the dyke porn world to rockstar parents of three adopted children. Shar and Jackie share how they navigated professional and personal transitions and they keep it steamy through runny noses and busy schedules.

“How do you balance being a ‘big underground queer’ with being a mom? ‘You don’t,’ says Rednour. ‘I don’t think there is a balance.’ Strano explains, ‘It’s called spinning plates. You take a break and then pick up another.’ But this butch-femme power couple still have plenty of plans up their sleeve. Rednour looks forward to more books and possibly a documentary film about the first wave of lesbian pornographers. And Strano has resurfaced with a bang – she’s been appointed the COO of the legendary feminist sex company Good Vibrations.”